Opportunity Scholarships provide money for non-traditional students

Diego Gray/ September 14, 2021/ Money/ 0 comments

Casper, Vaio. (Wyoming News Now) – John P. The Elbogen Foundation is offering non-traditional students the opportunity to pay for higher education. Students may be eligible for this scholarship if they have lived at least three years in the age group of 24 or older. Becca Steinhoff, executive director, said if people learn from their Hathaway Scholarships and grow up

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UAE central bank issues new anti-money laundering guidelines for banks

Grace Hall/ September 13, 2021/ Money/ 0 comments

DUBAI, Sept 13 (Reuters) – The UAE’s central bank has issued new guidelines to financial institutions on anti-money laundering practices. . Banks need to develop internal procedures and put up indicators to identify suspicious transactions and report them to the central bank’s financial intelligence unit, the bank said in a statement. They must regularly check their databases and transactions against

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