NFTCloud: Crypto Project Secures Forty Two Million Dollar Investment From Five Prominent Venture Capitals

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Singapore, 10th Jun 2023, King NewsWireNFTCloud, a groundbreaking blockchain project, has successfully secured a massive $42 million investment from 5 prominent venture capital firms, which include Innovative Growth Capital, Slow Ventures, Alexandria Venture Investments, FinLab Ventures, and Haun Ventures. A well-researched idea that is presented in a clear and engaging manner, NFTCloud and its investors are confident that this project will open the door of the Web3 world to millions of users.

NFTCloud is a platform that offers a Suite of Tools for all Web3 entrepreneurs, creators, and enthusiasts. No coding experience is necessary, everyone can create their own tokens and NFTs, and exploit them in a few seconds using the system tools. In accordance with the Product Owner’s requirements, successfully generated tokens on NFTCloud will be verified, published on token explorer websites, and automatically listed on DEXs. The project seeks to combine the power of “imagination” with the decentralized nature of blockchain, opening up new possibilities for various audiences. NFTCloud’s advanced technology and user-friendly design will allow users, especially Web 2 ones, to become very familiar with Web3 – just like how Canva does with presentations.

Despite the fact that the economy and the industries of crypto around the globe is not looking good, especially from an investment perspective, the five venture capital firms still have invested $42 million into NFTCloud, they clearly recognize the immense potential of the project. The firms, famous for their expertise in identifying disruptive technologies and innovative startups, have placed their bets on NFTCloud as a game-changer in the crypto space. By providing significant financial backing, these venture capitals are signaling their confidence in NFTCloud’s ability to disrupt and reshape the industry – or more precisely, alter the way that millions of people access the industry.

The round was led by Slow Ventures, an early-stage focused Venture Capital firm based out of San Francisco, Boston, and New York. AUM for Slow Venture is $2 billion at the moment. Slow Ventures is committed to investing resources, contacts, and experience in addition to money to see the project through.

Diversity is an important criterion for NFTCloud to promote the project globally. Alexandria – a well-known traditional investment fund that was founded in 1994 in Russia, FinLab – based in Frankfurt (Germany), Innovative Growth Capital and Hauns in the US, will be the ideal components for NFTCloud.

Each of these venture capital firms brings a unique perspective, expertise, and network to the table. By investing in NFTCloud, they demonstrate their confidence in the project’s potential and contribute to its growth and success within the crypto and technology sectors.

With the infusion of $42 million, NFTCloud can accelerate its research and development efforts, foster innovation, and attract top talent in the field. This will fuel the growth and success of NFTCloud, fostering a thriving ecosystem for enthusiasts.

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