Roberto Hroval Confirmed a Simultaneous Launch of Many Themis Ecosystem Projects

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Zurich, Switzerland – Themis Ecosystem is preparing a big launch for various projects, including the opening of the first emission-free waste-to-energy European factory with more than 95% economic exploitation. Great emphasis goes to charity projects.

Switzerland, 1st Jun 2023, King NewsWireThe founder Roberto Hroval announced that the team works around the clock in various parts of the world to fulfill the goals for 2023. They have just completed the basic construction of their first waste-to-energy facility with more than 95% economic exploitation.

It is worth 6.5 million euros and will start with a pre-agreed expansion to 110 MW installed capacity. The project represents a deal worth over 800 million euros.

Themis Ecosystem and its platform Online Industrial Exchange (OIX) have made substantial investments in the development, construction, testing, certification, and associated expenses, amounting to an impressive 10.2 million euros. These investments reflect their unwavering commitment to advancing their sustainable future vision.

Not content with resting on its laurels, Themis Ecosystem has already set its sights on a second facility, projected to cost 52.6 million euros. With this expansion, the potential for further growth and transformative impact is estimated to reach several billion euros.

In addition to their remarkable progress in technology and industry development, the team at Themis Ecosystem is deeply committed to giving back to society through meaningful philanthropic endeavors. Under the banner of the We4Next Nation movement, they have undertaken projects that have already exceeded a million euros in value.

One such project involves providing essential financial support to a wildlife shelter, facilitating its development and transformation. By nurturing these projects, Themis Ecosystem aims to contribute to the well-being of our natural world and its inhabitants.

Furthermore, the We4Next initiative extends its philanthropic reach to local communities through the John’s Organic Roots project. This undertaking aims to provide free access to organic vegetables, promote sustainable agriculture and ensure nutritious food reaches those who need it most.

Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, We4Next’s third project, Asclepius8, will offer free anti-stress therapy to up to three hundred residents daily. This groundbreaking initiative demonstrates their dedication to improving lives and fostering a healthier, more resilient society.

The development and realization of these innovative technologies and impactful projects have resulted from the tireless efforts of Themis Ecosystem’s in-house professionals, supported by a select group of external experts. With seven years of dedicated work behind them, they are now poised to launch these initiatives and make a lasting difference in our world.

The team has decided to launch all projects simultaneously in Q3 this year. The company expects a substantial breakthrough that will accelerate the development of the Themis Ecosystem while increasing the value of the companies and projects involved.

Themis Ecosystem is the first, one-of-the-kind, future-oriented ecosystem that identifies and gathers green technologies in an all-in-one online platform. By digitalizing and monetizing tangible high-demanding products, it connects supporters with projects, sets strict standards in sectors crucial for our long-term future, and helps to reduce global warming,

Its achievements reflect a harmonious blend of growth, innovation, and social responsibility.

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