Ex football player Zachary Hoffman is living proof that anyone can reinvent themselves post-retirement

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The football star went on to become an award-winning professional writer and leadership coach.

United States, 27th Jan 2023 – Many people struggle to make ends meet in this volatile economy, including ex-football players. However, some exceptions stand out as role models that present and old players can try to emulate. One such player is Zachary Hoffman. The now-retired professional American football player is living proof that anyone can achieve their dream if they put their mind to it. Growing up in a family of football fanatics, he fell in love with the game at a young age and wanted to make it his life’s calling. 

To get started on his journey in the highly competitive sport, he had to work extra hard to get selected for a team full of exceptionally talented people. His hard work paid off when he caught the eye of scouts and earned a scholarship to play college football. Thanks to his perseverance, determination, and sheer commitment to his dream, he developed his game and played football at the top level for several years.

Throughout his playing career, he had to overcome numerous obstacles and setbacks, such as injuries, to keep improving his skills. However, injuries did take a toll on his body, and he had to make the tough decision and retire. This began a new chapter in his life, and he became a football coach.

After a fruitful few years as a coach, he decided there was more to life than just football and decided to travel the world. He visited six countries, learned new perspectives that broadened his horizon, and picked up on several concepts from abroad. This, along with his previous set of experiences, helped to shape his visionary SWALEADERSHIP concept that he now teaches to athletes and corporates as a successful life coach and author.

His decision to become a leadership coach stems from seeing too many football players badly struggling. That’s why his company SWALEADERSHIP LLC, is at the forefront of helping retired athletes transform themselves across the globe.

Speaking on occasion, Zachary said, “It’s unfortunate that so many ex-athletes are struggling. This stems from poor financial planning and an inability to learn the tools needed to transform themselves. That is where the SWALEADERSHIP concept comes in, and it helps athletes utilize the skills they had been using throughout their playing careers and use in life after sports.” 

By following the principles laid out by Hoffman with the SWALEADERSHIP concept, a large contingent of athletes has been able to turn their lives around.

Talking about the book and coaching sessions has been an immense help. A former football player said, “Learning about Zachary’s story and his SWALEADERSHIP framework helped me to channel the positive attitude, determination, and hard work. I had been accustomed to on the field to channel towards something off it. I started my own real estate construction business and now lead a team of 14 employees, all working towards the same goal of the company’s success. The Swiss Army leadership (SWALeadership) helped give me peace of mind and improve work and life relationships.”

People interested in learning more about Zachary or the SWALEADERSHIP concept can check out his book at Amazon today. https://amzn.to/3o25gFp.

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Zachary Hoffman is a former football player who became a top leadership coach and author who helps people transform their lives.

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